Brand new topics broaden the appeal for delegates attending the Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Southern Africa Conference

This years’ Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Conference, boast brand new topics which will address issues that affect all money control officers – also those from the gambling sector, telecommunications, attorneys, tax practitioners and people dealing with trafficking.

Traditionally the conference – now in its 7th instalment – attracts personnel from banks, insurance companies, service providers and government.

This year topics were expanded so that people dealing with financial crime outside the financial sector, can also benefit through attending.

MD of Trade Conferences International – organisers of the event – said TCI have tried its best to create the perfect conference agenda.

“Speakers were invited to cover crucial topics, especially those that were highlighted in the recent mutual evaluation such as sanction screening, risk and compliance, corruption, use of cash in the SADC region, legal developments regarding UBOs, PEPs and illegal wildlife trafficking and illicit money flows.”

The full list of topics are:

  • Overview of recommendations contained in the FATF mutual evaluation 2020
  • Risks South Africa faces as a result of global ratings
  • Public partnerships in the fight against money laundering, highlighting the role of SAMLIT
  • Sanction screening and global compliance
  • Financial regulation and the fight against money laundering, corruption and bribery
  • Corruption, organised crime and money laundering
  • Impact of corruption and bribery worldwide and locally
  • Why the use of cash is important in developing countries and its connection with financial inclusion?
  • Dynamic customer risk assessment
  • Machine learning basics           
  • Leveraging the power of AI to transform compliance
  • Importance of proper workflow solutions in preventing white collar crime
  • Role of emerging technologies and combatting financial crime in the digital ages
  • A new approach to risk management – One Customer Truth
  • Interaction with risk management and compliance
  • Legal developments regarding UBOs, PEPs and sanctions
  • Illegal wildlife trafficking and illicit money flows
  • Crypto tax in South Africa and SARS audit approaches
  • Revisiting AML de-risking in SADC remittance markets- are trends in transaction size evidence of de-risking?
  • Crypto tax in South Africa and SARS audit approaches

For more information contact Ryno van Ellewee on or or call 011 803 1553.

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