7th instalment Anti-Money Laundering Southern Africa Conference is back on the agenda for 2022

This annual gathering stays one of TCI’s flagship conferences, and has received rave reviews from delegates, speakers and sponsors over the past few years. This hybrid event will be held on 3 & 4 August 2022 at the Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg South Africa.

Against the COVID pandemic the shifting AML landscape has
introduced a new age of financial crime, one characterised by complex interconnectivity and undefined geographies causing global regulators struggling to keep up.

The continued proliferation of digital technologies and growing reliance on cryptocurrencies and other alternative forms of payment has created a challenging environment for financial institutions that must comply with a global web of legal and regulatory frameworks, anti-money laundering (AML) directives, surveillance, sanctions and law enforcement.

Various developments regarding money laundering continues to challenge banks, insurance companies, regulators and everyone else affected by new ways and methods of combatting financial crime – collective
investment schemes, casinos, tax practitioners, auditors are now also being scrutinised .The network for money laundering is big and is getting bigger by the day.

Other issues such as digital payment related issues, transaction
monitoring solutions and information sharing not only between banks, but beyond banks are all needing attention from a southern African

With the release of the FATF’s mutual evaluation report on South Africa last year, the conference programme will dissect some issues relating to criticism from the FATF, including lack of regulation for crypto currencies, better identification and investigation of laundering networks and the widespread use of cash as a high risk for money laundering and terrorist financing.

The conference programme will also investigate the availability of
beneficial ownership information, give advice on how to improve the application of a risk-based approach, examine a better understanding of terrorist financing (TF) risks and under reporting by banks.

Over 800 attendees have benefitted in attending this conference since 2015. This is Southern Africa’s no.1 conference on AML.

As organisers, Trade Conferences International (TCI) is once again looking forward to welcoming sponsors, speakers and delegates to this top class industry event.

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