Digital disruption of the debt collection industry

As in all industries, debt collection technology is proving to be an industry disruptor.

Initial uptakes of new technologies are always slow, and as the industry is not new, changes are coming more slowly to the field.

With digital disruption in the debt collection industry seems to be successfully adopted, replacing the traditional and inefficient ways of debt collection, attending the Debt Collection conference will help personnel in the debt collection space to keep abreast of new technology trends impacting on the industry.

Trade Conferences International will be hosting the 5th annual Debt Collection Conference in 6 & 7 May 2020 at the Indaba Hotel, where strategies on how to encounter the digital disruption in the debt collection environment will be addressed.

Nearly 25 debt collection experts who will be addressing the audience on new developments and innovations within the debt collection industry, including technology and debt collection, legal framework, governance and compliance, call centre management, credit risk strategies, data analytic and the digital customer experience.

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