Cross-Border Remittances in the Digital Age 2018-12-12T22:55:13+00:00

Remittances and money transfer status in the digital age

Sending funds – whether for business purposes or tied to familial responsibilities – cross border remittances and money transfers have become an integral part of many modern societies around the world.

As is the current trend in the world, the remittances industry is moving towards a digitised means of conducting operations. With emerging technologies, innovative payment-products and new money transfer operators and businesses working on providing regulated instant settlement mechanisms, digital remittances has the potential to offer immigrants greater transparency and security when it comes to money transfers: lower transaction fees, enhanced services, and so much more.

Trade Conferences International’s signature Cross-Border Remittances and Money Transfers Conference (in its fifth instalment) will be a two-day conference tackling remittances in the digital age. The conference will provide an overview of the digitisation of cross boarder remittances in 2019, by focusing on the latest trends and challenges in the market, and sharing insights into how Southern African operators in the remittances space can extend their reach and influence with international money transfers.

Topics to be addressed on the programme are cautiously selected to accentuate formidable entry into the digital marketplace of remittances. With consideration taken for the impact of trends and challenges on prospective attendees, and their companies – such as innovative models, implementation of regulatory activities to improve compliance in digital remittances, and the placement of real-time tracking at the top of anticipated digital enhancements – professionals dealing with remittances, money transfers, anti-money laundering, compliance, payments, regulation and trade finance will benefit from attending this highly informative event.

In 2018, Cross Border Remittances and Payments Conference was attended by representatives from ABSA, Bankserv Africa, Bidvest Bank, Crown Service Provider, Ecentric Payment Solutions, Econet, JPMorgan Chase Bank, FNB ,IT Knowledge & Expertise, Nedbank, PEP, SFX, South African Reserve Bank, Standard Bank, Steward Bank, Ubank, Barclays Africa Group, Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion, Compliance Coach, ENS Africa, eXactConsult, Financial Software & Systems, Finteq, Hello Group, Hello Paisa, IQ Business, Mukuru Africa, SADC Banking Association and WiGroup, to name a few.

We look forward to meeting you all at the Indaba Hotel on 06 & 07 March 2019, for an update into the foreseeable future if cross-border remittances and money transfers.

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