Cross border remittances – non-formal remittances pressurizing financial institutions to innovate

Annually, migrants send hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of remittances to friends and family in their home countries.

In Africa the remittance channel is complex. It involves a sender, a recipient, intermediaries in both countries, and the payment interface used
by the intermediaries. By being both formal and informal, it leaves the opportunity of many challenges to overcome – especially from traditional
financial institutions.

With numerous small transactions conducted by individuals through many different channels, remittances to low and middle income countries
only showing slight recovery from recent years.

The landscape thus remains challenging with non-formal remittances pressuring financial institutions to innovate in order to maintain market share.

As is the aim of all TCI events, it is once again the objective to give attending delegates the opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge from our speaker panel and to network with fellow delegates.

The conference is a two day event which will cover the latest trends, challenges and issues facing remittances and money transfers. This is the third consecutive year that this will be held. This is the definitive forum for understanding the remittances and money transfer landscape in the SADC region.

Speakers will cover the whole spectrum of remittances and money transfers – from transfers, to interbank, clearing and settlements to the rise of mobile money.

Industry Trending topics to be addressed

  • Trends and challenges in the evolution of cross-border remittances
  • Overview of the SADC payments structure for low and high value remittances
  • Are remittances prices as high as been reported?
  • Financial inclusion and remittances
  • Connecting mobile networks to enable cross border transfers and remittances
  • Permissible payments done by authorised dealers and documentation related thereto
  • Failure of Interbank processes
  • Overview of the SADC Payments Project
  • Executing foreign exchange transactions and payments in the world of imports and exports
  • SADC payments scheme management body in the cross – border payments space
  • SADC remittance flows
  • User experience
  • Exchange control
  • AML and data protection regulatory framework in respect of money remittances
  • Overview of cross border electronic transfer reporting in line with the Financial Intelligence Act
  • Remittances reboot
  • Remittances: digitizing the ebb and flow of cross- border money
  • Connecting payment service providers in a single global clearing & settlement network

Industry leaders addressing this event

  • Joleen Young, Assiciate Director, Africa Payments Advisory, KPMG
  • Muziwethu Mathema, Senior Economist, KPMG
  • Herman Bezuidenhout, CEO, Beztforex
  • Josephat Mutepfa, Senior Executive: National Payments Systems, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
  • Era Gunning, Senior Associate: Banking & Finance, ENS Africa
  • Rishi Pillay, CEO, FSS Technologies Africa
  • Rachel Balsham, Deputy CEO, MFS Africa
  • Hester Herbst, Exchange Control & Surveillance Specialist, Investec
  • Andrew Mugari, Head: e-Banking & Card Services, ZB Financial Holdings (Zimbabwe)
  • PLUS panel discussion featuring the SA Reserve Bank, First National Bank, Standard Bank and Bankservafrica
  • Bob Barham, Vice President, Head of Sales MENA and South Africa, HomeSend/Digital Payment Solutions, MasterCard
  • Christopher Malan, Head Compliance and Prevention, Financial Intelligence Centre
  • Illana Melzer, Director, Eighty20
  • Richard Ketley, Director, Genesis Analytics
  • Charles van Staden, Head: Exchange Control, Hogan Lovells
  • Arthur Cousins, Head of Project Coordination: SADC Payments
  • Sarah Truen, Regulatory Economist, DNA Economics
  • Brendon Pearce, Head of Programmes, Finmark Trust
  • Kim Dancey, Head of Payments, FNB International
  • Kevin Hawkins, Regional Director – SADC, Terrapay Payment Services South Africa

Who should attend?

The event will be targeted towards professionals dealing with:

• Online payments
• interbank payments
• exchange control
• compliance & risk
• cross border
• transactions
• money transfers
• channel management

• Merchants accounts
• remittances
• mobile payments
• clearing & settlements
• regulation
• anti-money laundering
• fraud

• Payments & administration
• sanctions
• financial crime
• international payments
• cash management
• transactional products & services
• trade support

• Digital banking
• governance
• foreign exchange
• global markets operations
• treasury &foreign assets control
• global transactions

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