Broadening the reach of Southern African remittances and money transfers

With more than $600 billion outgoing Southern African money transfers annually, cross-border payments are increasingly on the rise, and the market is ripe for continued innovation and opportunities for formidability. Developing countries find themselves benefitting more and more from increased and enhanced remittance inflows.

Technological advancements and innovation in the remittances arena has led to major developments and enhancements to money transfer processes and guarantees an ever-evolving playground for all operators in the field.

Rising trends in 2018 remittances include the emergence of mobile money remittance and online money transfers. Migration mobility has increased, and with greater opportunities so does a bolstering of regulatory barriers arise. The need for faster, cheaper and more efficient ways of transferring money from one country to another remains a top priority while ensuring best practice and adherence to regulatory matters.

Trade Conferences International’s fourth instalment of the Cross-Border Remittances and Money Transfers Conference seeks to equip players in the field with the stratagems and insights for contending with international players in the industry. This signature TCI event will update delegates on trends, structures and technologies within in the market in 2018 and beyond, whilst reinforcing competences in facing challenges and economic opportunities.

With the speaker panel being representative of major players in the industry, topics to be addressed will underline the latest news and how it will impact on industry players. Bringing insights into mobile money, technological innovation, financial crime and remittances, compliance, remittance integration and regulation under the microscope this is a must-attend event.

TCI looks forward to hosting professional dealing with remittances, money transfers, anti-money laundering, compliance, international payments, treasury, regulation and trade to attend this highly informative event. Join the barracks of last year’s attendees from, amongst others, ABSA, Central Africa Building Society, JP Morgan Chase, Investec, Grindrod Bank, Bidvest, FNB, Nedbank, Rand Merchant Bank, SA Reserve Bank, Standard Bank, Steward Bank and other major SADC banking institutions, money transfer operators, and service providers, who found the event a “great networking platform” with topical content capturing the essence of cross border remittances and money transfers.


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We look forward to hosting you and your team at the Indaba Hotel on 14 & 15 March 2018, at Southern Africa’s foremost money transfers and remittances knowledge-sharing event.

Industry Trending topics to be addressed

  • African cross-border transacting
  • Barriers to cross-border remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Far-travelling outbound remittances
  • Innovation and technology: mobile money services between countries
  • FinTech
  • Emergent global payments landscape: how international payment developments are affecting cross-border remittances in developing markets
  • Overcoming international data-regulation hurdles in the money transfers arena
  • Overcoming international trading risks
  • Rise of digital remittances
  • Sanctions and terrorist financing control

Industry leaders addressing this event

  • Jan Bester, Head: Sanctions | Financial Crime Compliance, Barclays Africa Group
  • Era Gunning, Director: Banking & Finance, ENS Africa
  • Craig Kilfoil, Managing Director and Senior Specialist Consultant, eXactConsult
  • Rishi Pillay, Chief Executive Officer: Funds Transfer Business Unit, Financial Software & Systems
  • Arthur Cousins, Head of Project Coordination: SADC Payments, SADC Banking Association
  • Andy Jury, Chief Executive Officer, Mukuru Africa
  • Graeme Holmes, Independent Payments Consultant, former Nedbank Head of Cards
  • Ashly Hope, Associate , Trade Law Centre
  • Natalie Matthews, Lead: Card and Payments, IQ Business
  • Barry Cooper, Technical Director, Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion
  • Jethro O’Brien, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TradeSafe Escrow
  • John Golding, Sector Head: Banking and Remittance, wiGroup
  • Rob Muller, Commercial Director, Finteq
  • Martin Grunewald, Chief Payments Officer, BankservAfrica
  • Arthur Kirsten, Managing Director, Compliance Coach

Who should attend?

The event will be targeted towards professionals dealing with:

global clients transactional & trade solutions * international banking operations support * international banking * commercial management * RIB product management * business development * business analysis * money transfer * sales * exchange control * compliance * international payments * foreign exchange trading * regulatory analysis * digital finance * finacial crime risk * payments * product growth * strategic projects compliance * financial services strategy * retail operations * alerts management * financial surveillance * payments advisory * MLCO * KYC * mobile money * forex * sanctions risk * business banking * sanctions * business banking * corporate and investment banking * CIB * AML * CFT * AML risk *NREB * non resident and embassy banking * client relationship management * RBB * national payments systems * surveillance * SADC business analytics * channel & RCH management *

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Who attended in 2017?

* Nedbank: Business Banking * ZB Holdings * Bidvest Bank: Customer Solutions * South African Reserve Bank * MoneyGram Payment Systems * Grindrod Bank * WiGroup: IT * Advanced Business Modernisation * IMX Software *MasterCard * Standard Bank * Nedbank: NREB * KPMG * South African Bankers Services * PEP: Financial Services * FNB International * Hello Group * FSS Technologies Africa * BankservAfrica * Nedbank: Private Wealth * FNB:Foreign Exchange * Nedbank:CIB * Central Africa Building Society * MFS Africa * Steward Bank: Diaspora Banking * Finmark Trust * Eighty20 * ENS Africa * XB Wallet * Investec * J.P Morgan Chase Bank: Finance & Operations * ABSA: International Banking * CGAP:Development Organisation * OK Zimbabwe * BeztForex * Crown Mobile * Zimswitch: Business Banking * Kawena Distributors: Distribution * RMB: Transaction Banking * Nedbank Transactionalt Forex * Central Africa Building Society * BPC Africa * Rand Merchant bank * Financial Intelligence Centre * OK Zimbabwe * FNB International * JP Morgan Chase* Investec * Monegram * Nedbank CIB AML, CFT & Sanctions * Nedbank Private Wealth * Pep Financial Services * Standard Bank Emerging Payments * Zimswitch * Standard Bank Operations