Simplifying regulatory changes and improving Debt Collection strategies with technology

The debt collection industry is influenced and disrupted by varying technological advancements and innovations on a daily basis. Most tech applications have real-world business implication for debt collection today, and advancements in technology are driving organisations in the collections space to focus on a strategy centred around personalising customer communications, effectively and successfully identifying clusters of similar debtor profiles, and so much more.

As a result of constant advancements in technology, the industry has encountered greater and growing challenges – so much more than any other industry – particularly with the adoption of newer technologies and being able to operate within the parameters of updated legal infrastructures being implemented.

With an updated programme covering the state of debt collection industry in South Africa, technological developments, automation and the digital age, legal framework adherence, governance and compliance maintenance, credit risk management and customer engagement, attending the Debt Collection South Africa 2019 Conference, is a must-attend!

Do not forget to mark 22 & 23 May 2019 off on your training calendar.

This signature TCI event – which was attended by more than 500 attendees in the last ten years –  will focus on covering all the major “want to know’s” from attendees.

TCI’s Annual Debt Collection Conference attracts delegates and exhibitors from banks, credit providers, financial institutions, debt collection agencies, call centres, micro-lenders, credit bureaus and attorneys from across the collections industry.

This event aims to equip attendees with updated knowledge and strategies regarding debt collection, including information about legal implications, risk assessment methods and consumer credit management.

We invite all professionals operating in the collections space to join us – Trade Conferences International – at this conference.

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