Your customers’ primary type of engagement experience is moving to digital

Times have changed. Consumers are just not consumers anymore.

The last couple of years gave rise to the digital consumer who shop online, learn online, communicate online and being entertained online. Organisations are changing their perspective on dealing with consumers. Opportunities are abound. With changing the perspective on how the digital environment is viewed, companies will be able to seize the opportunities in the market where consumer relevance is king.

Digital consumer engagement as a major part of an integrated set of end-to-end services and solutions that brings together strategy, technology, analytics, is essential for the success of any company.

Customer engagement, as part of omni-channel approach featuring digital communication tools, is often the result of positive customer experiences. By capturing and analysing data from every customer touch point, will allow companies to understand which interactions are increasing engagement and which are hurting it.

With this insights you gain, you can create a customer engagement model that outlines what kinds of experiences you want to deploy at each stage of the customer journey.

Attending the DCX Con will give attendees the wisdom to correct missteps and plan future digital customer engagement activities so that companies can reap the benefits of fully engaged, loyal customers.

The event organised by Trade Conferences International (TCI) is taking place on 4 & 5 September 2019 at the Indaba Hotel, Fourways, and Johannesburg.

The programme will tackle digital and customer engagement issues, explore the importance of digital adoption and new technologies that will assist customer engagement as well as navigating the future of trends.

Speakers addressing the DCX Con 2019 include:

  • Ross Sibbald, Commercial Director, Striata Africa
  • Lizzy van Niekerk, Founder, Little Rabbit Digital
  • Dr Derek Shirley, Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstone Performance Solutions
  • Anthony Kotton, Managing Director, One loyalty Rewards
  • Eben Esterhuizen, Founder and General Manager, OnShelf Pharma
  • Tanya Grobler, Chief Executive Officer, Mahala Loyalty Programme
  • Yugeshree Frylinck, Chief Experience Officer, The CX Group
  • Gerrit de Villiers, Presales Manager, Inovo
  • Lauren Barber, Customer Engagement Solutions, SBV
  • Yurika Pistorius, Head of Compliance, Clientèle
  • Anretia Ferreira, Owner, Blue Steering
  • Tyron James Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Devprox
  • Lizette Akker, Customer Experience Management, IQbusiness
  • Cassie van Wyk, Chief Marketing Officer, Devprox
  • Derek Martin, Principal Consultant, BSG
  • Yaron Assabi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Digital Solutions Group
  • Perry de Jager, Head: Call Centre and Collections Solutions, Principa
  • Graham McLeod, Enterprise Business Architect, Gijima
  • Dylan Edel, Senior Sales Executive & Strategic Partnership, Docfox
  • Luwela Nodada, Associate in Applied Behavioural Economics, Genesis-Analytics
  • Boitshepo Gaitate, Associate in Applied Behavioural Economics, Genesis-Analytics
  • Ans Gerber, Marketing Solutions Consultant, Experian
  • Rynhardt Grobler,  Head of Commercial Deals, Mint Management Technologies
  • Bianca Fernandes, Digital Engagement Manager, Investec
  • Debbie Ghillino, Founder and Director, The Incentive Company
  • Arthur Britz, Chief Executive Officer, HTSA
  • Jean-Michel Cornish, Senior Business Solutions Manager, SAS Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Karl Dinkelmann, Director, AccTech Systems
  • David Coleman, Head: Analytics, Experian
  • Kelvin Jonck, Managing Director, YouKnow
  • Sheldon Singh, Analytics Executive, Jellyfish
  • Ilse Kaya, Business Development, The Digital Databank
  • Dan Taitz, Managing Director, Berelo Innovations

Touching on topics such as loyalty, customer due diligence, omni-channel, sales enablement, the customer journey, use of technology and how this relates to the bigger issue of digital customer engagement, the event will be made up of the following sessions:

  • Omni-channel and customer engagement
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Loyalty programmes and customer engagement
  • Regulation and customer due diligence in the digital space of customer engagement
  • Developing strategies for crafting and creating digital sales enablement
  • Technological advancements supporting digital customer engagement and the customer experience
  • DCX in the future

We invite all delegates to join us at this event. For more information to join the speaker panel, contact the Project Manager, Lerato Mohlala on 011 803-1553.

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