Changing role of data and analytics in financial services for a sustainable and competitive edge at the intersection of advanced data science and banking

The constant evolution of technology is slowly proving to the world that banks are no longer a necessity however banking will always be necessary. The preferred conference organiser for the Southern African major banks, IT and financial service providers, Trade Conferences International, will be hosting a conference that will dissect the changing role of data and analytics in the banking environment.

The Evolution of Data Analytics in Banking Conference 2019 will be taking place at Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.

This two days conference will be addressed by more than 15 industry experts, tackling the following

  • The evolution of data
  • Innovation and technology in data analytics
  • The current standing of data management
  • Data and analytics initiatives
  • Data regulations in banking and within financial services providers

Professionals dealing with the following will highly benefit from attending this conference:

big data * data engineering * data visualisation * data science * business analytics * data analytics * customer relationship management * data migration * business segmentation * customer segmentation *customer retention * business intelligence * channel integration * product pricing * product research and development * product development * customer mobility * channel integration * customer experience management


Sponsorship & exhibition enquiries are handled by Portia Dhlamani on  or call 011 803 1553

Industry-experts interested in participating at this event are invited to submit topic proposals to the Project Manager, Wendy Mahlatsi on  or call 011 803 1553.

Speaking at TCI’s industry conferences provides extensive exposure as a leader in the field, and comes with great benefits:

  • Speakers’ name and profile are featured on promotional material such as brochure, website, e-mail/PR campaigns, designed to increase interest in the conference and speaker’s participation.
  • Speaker’s presentations forms part of the digital material – which serves as reference material for attendees’ daily operations
  • In addition, speakers’ name, biography, company and designation receive exposure on our digital platforms and marketing aims.
  • As a token of appreciation to speakers’ contribution to the event, TCI provide speaker-representatives with 1 complimentary guest pass to attend the conference and preferential and discounted rates for the attendance of delegations from their organisation, or participation at a higher level (by way of exhibition/sponsorship).


If you are interested to participate as a speaker for this conference or any of our upcoming conferences please contact

the Project Manager, Wendy Mahlatsi on  or call 011 803 1553 / email

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