Be on the lookout for the upcoming Debt Collection in the Digital Age Conference

Once again, TCI is hosting another top notch industry event!

The Debt Collection in the Digital Age Conference is to be hosted on 13 & 14 March 2024 at the Indaba Hotel Fourways.

This event brings together an influential consortium of industry leaders, technology innovators, thought leaders, and experts to navigate the complex intersection of digital transformation and regulatory compliance in the debt collection domain. Through insightful discussions, collaborative knowledge sharing, and strategic networking, this conference sheds light on critical areas where digital innovation and regulatory considerations intersect.

The core objective of the conference is to dissect and address these challenges, fostering dialogue among stakeholders while enhancing understanding of the regulatory landscape that shapes debt collection in the digital age. It serves as a platform for participants to gain insights into cutting-edge regulatory developments, industry best practices, and emerging trends that are shaping the future of debt collection.

The conference agenda encompasses a diverse range of topics, including collections strategies & teams, risk management & strategy, data management & analytics, customer-centric debt collection strategies, the role of AI and RPA, enhancing customer experiences, regulatory compliance, and the evolving landscape of debt collection in the current financial climate. Esteemed speakers and industry leaders will share their practical insights, domain expertise, and actionable strategies, empowering participants to stay informed and adapt effectively within the ever-evolving debt collection industry.

This conference is a must-attend event for professionals across the debt collection sector, including executives from financial institutions, collections agencies, technology innovators, regulatory bodies, consultancies, and other stakeholders involved in reshaping debt collection practices for the digital age. The event offers an unparalleled opportunity to establish meaningful connections, exchange insights, forge strategic partnerships, and gain a competitive edge in an industry where digital innovation and regulatory compliance are paramount.

Whether your goal is to deepen your understanding of debt collection in the digital age, explore innovative solutions, stay ahead of industry trends, or connect with industry visionaries, the Debt Collection in the Digital Age Conference provides a comprehensive platform to achieve your objectives. By participating, you will join a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to shaping the future of debt collection through responsible innovation and effective regulation.

Mark your calendars and secure your spot at this premier conference, where debt collection leaders, technology innovators, and regulatory experts come together to navigate the evolving landscape of debt collection while upholding compliance and enhancing customer experiences.

Sessions to be covered

  • Technology and innovation: AI, ML, RPA and chat-bots
  • Data management, protection and analytics
  • Digital customer experience in collections
  • Operational risk & contact centre management
  • DebiCheck and its role to improve collections
  • Digital and speech analytics
  • Ethics, conduct, compliance and regulatory landscape

Registrations will open on 13 November  2023. Speakers that interested to contribute to the programme can contact Ayanda Makhupula on 011 22 5529 or send an email on

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