Cross Border Ecommerce to exceed $2 trillion in 2023

Explosive growth of cross border ecommerce

The success of the African eCommerce market has been described by McKinsey in one of its quarterly reports as one that has ‘blossomed’.

The research firm pointed out that those global business leaders that don’t understand this potential or this continent run the risk of missing out on one of the greatest growth opportunities of the 21st century.

It is a 1.2-billion-person market that’s sitting on the knife’s edge of explosive growth – a market that has already been successfully harnessed by eCommerce entrepreneurs and mobile solutions such as Jumia, Mall For Africa, PayU and M-Pesa.

“While the growth of eCommerce across the continent has been driven by increased internet penetration, improved economic conditions, and a growing middle-class population, there is another factor pushing eCommerce forward – cross-border engagement,” says Corrie Bakker, Head of Strategy & Business Development, PayU Africa.

“The ability to expand eCommerce operations across borders and into new markets across a diverse and engaging market is playing a significant role in driving growth and investment.”

The McKinsey & Company Global Payments 2018 report emphasises the importance of innovation and change when it comes to the complexities of cross-border payments, as well as the value that they offer to the eCommerce market.

In EMEA, half of the $200 billion of new opportunities will emerge from transaction growth both in-country and across borders. This growth spans both the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) markets with cross-border transactions accounting for 5% of payments revenue growth by 2022 in the region.

“If payment solutions can provide both business and consumer with reliable, secure and trusted payment infrastructure, they can capture a significant share of this growing market,” says Bakker. “These figures highlight the potential of the continent and how the risks that are involved in cross-border payment systems need to be addressed in order to further growth and market share.”

Cross-border payments have battled with legacy issues such as a lack of transparency, complex regulation and legalities, system efficiencies and a limited access to reliable and recognisable payment options.

One of the biggest issues highlighted with regards to the B2C cross-border market by the McKinsey report is a lack of access to familiar local payment options on international website plus a limited visibility into
foreign exchange fees. 

We invite potential sponsors to join us at the conference, so as to once again create the ideal platform for information and knowledge sharing. Involvement will afford sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and speakers excellent networking

More about our partner The Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA)

The Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA) was created by major Ecommerce players in November 2016, with the mission to increase awareness, confidence and capability of the ecommerce (online selling) sector in South Africa. The EFSA is the forum for all players in the Ecommerce industry – working cohesively with each other to enrich the overall ecommerce industry in South Africa.      

To drive the Growth of ecommerce in the RSA

  • improving trust in digital commerce
  • promoting more training, skills development and research in ecommerce
  • looking at solutions for the greater industry
  • attracting a greater variety of merchants

Alastair Tempest
Chief Executive Officer
The ECommerce Forum
South Africa

A welcome letter from Alastair Tempest
It gives us great pleasure in partnering with Trade Conferences International (TCI) in supporting this initiative on cross border ecommerce on 16 & 17 November 2022.  

As you are aware, the African Free Trade Area will provide ecommerce merchants in South Africa new opportunities to trade cross-frontiers.

There have also been some innovative developments in cross-border payments which will be of great assistance to e-merchants – the TCIB system in the SADC countries created by BankServ, and the Afreximbank’s PAPSS, for example.

In the near future, South African business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-merchants will benefit from economies of scale in the new continental marketplace.

This is the first event specifically designed to assist and encourage e-merchants and service providers to look at the continent as their next frontier.

Kind Regards



  • Emphasis of the conference is exclusively targeted on the cross border ecommerce emerging landscape
  • It sets out the framework for successful trading across borders
  • Focuses on payment opportunities for global merchants
  • Highlights what protection consumers need for ecommerce
  • Why payment orchestration is crucial to succeeding in cross border sales
  • Utilisation of loyalty in the ecommerce environment


Personnel dealing with the following can be expected to be attending this event:

• exchange control
* compliance & risk
* cross border e-commerce transactions
* money transfers
* payments
* clearing & settlements
* regulation
* global clients transactional & trade solutions
* international banking
* e-banking
* foreign exchange
* e-wallets
* retail
* trade support
* digital payments
* supply chain
* cross border ecommerce
* remittances
* online marketing
* fraud and security
* loyalty and rewards
* social media
* payments
* retail
* merchandise management
*  e-commerce
* customer experience
* customs
* warehousing
* insurance


  1. Become acquainted with the tips and tricks of cross border ecommerce
  2. Get updated on the latest insights, challenges, trends and opportunities within the cross border ecommerce environment
  3. Meet industry experts within the industry
  4. Find out more about the crucial elements that defines a cross-border eCommerce strategy
  5. Stay abreast with the latest updates regarding South Africa regulators
  6. Understand the motivation behind international customers
  7. Get to know the latest logistics challenges facing ecommerce
  8. Become an expert and get to sharpen your cross border ecommerce skills
  9. Find out how to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals
  10. Improve your business contacts by networking with fellow delegates, speakers and exhibitors

Recent companies that sponsored TCI events

Top challenges for cross border ecommerce

Join top notch industry experts

Jason Blackman

DHL Express - Sub Saharan Africa

Paula Buchel

Deloitte Consulting

Jethro ‘O Brien

TradeSafe Escrow

Neha Kumar


Alex Forsyth-Thompson


Melissa Rowlson

Maverick Marketing

Dylan Piatti

AGI Africa

LizzY van Niekerk

Little Rabbit Digital

Karl Dinkelmann

Nexus Data

Enrico Ferigolli

Pick ‘n Pay Retailer

Tanya Grobler

Mahala Loyalty Programme

Maguata Mphahele

Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman

DR Morgenie Pillay

Department of Trade Industry & Competition

Michael Lawrence


Robert Lane


Penny Bologo

South African Revenue Services (SARS)

Charl Ueckermann

AVeS Cyber Security

Peter Reid

Mint Technologies

Lucien Pierce

PPM Attorneys

Mechiel Couvarras




"Brands can venture into the untested world of cross-border e-commerce when they have the right business strategy in place and when they can support such strategy with the right technology solutions."


Kevin ChooromoneyChief Risk and Compliance Officer, Santam Structured Insurance Mauritius
Read More
It was a pleasure attending the conference. Very friendly staff and excellent speakers. I have learned a lot during these 2 days.
Neil den BakkerAssistant Director, Moody’s Analytics
Read More
Speakers were great. Conference was very well organised and everyone was friendly. I really enjoyed it and will be back next year.
Winston NewtonSanctions Specialist, ABSA
Read More
Very well organised. The venue and hosts were great. Speakers were knowledgeable and content was well explained and understood.
Damian NaidooOperations, Investec: Private Bank Operations
Read More
The level of discussions and knowledge shared was top class. Very well organised and run.
Gontse DialeJunior Analyst, Financial Sector Conduct Authority
Read More
The quality of information presented by speakers was excellent.
Dhiya NaidooSanctions Relationships, ABSA
Read More
Complimenting the speakers, content, sponsor displays and the venue. A very important conference. Well organised.
Melanie PillayClient Due Diligence, Investec
Read More
Thank you for the wonderful conference.


16 & 17 November 2022

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