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The Debt Collection in the Digital Age Conference, set to take place on 12 & 13 March 2024 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg, is a pivotal gathering that immerses attendees in the ever-evolving landscape of debt collection within the digital era. This event brings together an influential consortium of industry leaders, technology innovators, thought leaders, and experts to navigate the complex intersection of digital transformation and regulatory compliance in the debt collection domain. Through insightful discussions, collaborative knowledge sharing, and strategic networking, this conference sheds light on critical areas where digital innovation and regulatory considerations intersect. 

In the dynamic realm of debt collection, digital transformation has become a powerful force, opening new avenues for efficient debt recovery, improved customer experiences, and operational excellence. However, these transformative strides are not without their challenges, including data privacy safeguards, consumer protection, risk mitigation, and adherence to regulatory frameworks.

The core objective of the conference is to dissect and address these challenges, fostering dialogue among stakeholders while enhancing understanding of the regulatory landscape that shapes debt collection in the digital age. It serves as a platform for participants to gain insights into cutting-edge regulatory developments, industry best practices, and emerging trends that are shaping the future of debt collection.

Throughout the conference, attendees will engage with distinguished industry experts through informative presentations, dynamic panel discussions, illuminating case studies, and valuable networking opportunities. These interactions provide a comprehensive perspective on the intricate relationship between digital innovation and regulatory compliance, offering insights into how organisations can navigate regulatory complexities while leveraging technological advancements to drive operational excellence.

The conference agenda encompasses a diverse range of topics, including collections technology trends & strategies, transformative innovation, innovative approaches, technological integration & strategies as well as regulatory and ethical considerations within the evolving landscape of debt collection in the current financial climate. Esteemed speakers and industry leaders will share their practical insights, domain expertise, and actionable strategies, empowering participants to stay informed and adapt effectively within the ever-evolving debt collection industry.

This conference is a must-attend event for professionals across the debt collection sector, including executives from financial institutions, collections agencies, technology innovators, regulatory bodies, consultancies, and other stakeholders involved in reshaping debt collection practices for the digital age. The event offers an unparalleled opportunity to establish meaningful connections, exchange insights, forge strategic partnerships, and gain a competitive edge in an industry where digital innovation and regulatory compliance are paramount.

Whether your goal is to deepen your understanding of debt collection in the digital age, explore innovative solutions, stay ahead of industry trends, or connect with industry visionaries, the Debt Collection in the Digital Age Conference provides a comprehensive platform to achieve your objectives. By participating, you will join a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to shaping the future of debt collection through responsible innovation and effective regulation.

Mark your calendars and secure your spot at this premier conference, where debt collection leaders, technology innovators, and regulatory experts come together to navigate the evolving landscape of debt collection while upholding compliance and enhancing customer experiences.

Some of the topics to be addressed

Speaker Companies



Media Partners


addressing the event

Norman Colling
Registered Communication

Lizzy van Niekerk
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Little Rabbit Digital

Justin Levermore
Chief Operations Officer
Hahn Collections

Sicelo Kula
ICT Lawyer

Vanessa Miller
VM Consulting

Annaline van der Poel
Chief Operating Officer
Debt Rescue

Carl Knight
Chief Executive Officer
Credit Intel

Pieter-Ben Pienaar
Managing Director
Conveyancing Warehouse

Mark Gaffley

Beverley Dickson
Management and Continuous Improvement Consultant

Chantelle Frier
National Sales Manager

Adv. Andries Cornelius
Chief Executive Officer
Council for Debt Collectors

Nic Laschinger
Chief Technology Officer

Werner Tenten
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Offcer
Genii Analytics

Nicola Jordaan
Chief Executive O­fficer
Genii Analytics

Jayce Zidel
General Manager

Bradley Ginsberg
Head of Revenue

Who should attend?

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Benefits of attending this conference

  • In-depth insights: gain valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in debt collection and credit risk management.
  • Expert knowledge: learn from industry experts, thought leaders, and experienced professionals who will share their expertise and practical strategies.
  • Networking opportunities: connect with peers, colleagues, and potential business partners, expanding your professional network within the debt collection industry.
  • Best practices: discover best practices and successful case studies that can be applied to your own debt collection strategies and operations.
  • Regulatory updates: stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments and compliance requirements affecting the debt collection industry.
  • Technology advancements: explore cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, RPA, and data analytics, and how they can enhance debt collection processes.
  • Skills enhancement: improve your skills and knowledge in debt collection, credit risk management, and customer engagement through interactive sessions.
  • Practical solutions: identify practical solutions to common challenges faced by debt collection professionals and gain actionable insights.
  • Comprehensive coverage: the conference covers a wide range of topics, ensuring you receive a comprehensive overview of the industry’s landscape.
  • Thought leadership: engage in discussions with thought leaders and industry influencers, fostering a deeper understanding of critical issues.
  • Competitive advantage: gain a competitive edge by staying informed about industry trends and emerging technologies, enabling your organization to adapt and thrive.
  • Personal growth: enhance your personal and professional growth by participating in a dynamic and knowledge-sharing environment.

Overall, attending this conference provides an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with industry peers, and explore innovative solutions that can positively impact your debt collection and credit risk management efforts.

Organisations that attended our recent debt collection conferences

AC Du Preez Attorneys * African Bank Collections * Baker Street Analytics * Bargaining Council * Blue Ocean Collection Services * BVI * Callbi Speech Analytics * Cinque Collections * Consumer Friend * Cornerstone Performance Solutions * Credit IVS * Curro Holdings * Daly Credit Corporation * Debt Rescue * Director Association * E4 * EasyDebit * Energy at Work * Experian * FutureSoft * Groenewald Lubbe * Hyphen Technology * Ignition Group – Collections * Infobip * Inovo Telecom * Ison-Experiences Ltd-Leading Global Company * Legal Interact * Mahala Loyalty Programme * NetCash * Nimble Group * Norman Bissett & Associates * Omnisient-Collaborative Consumer Intelligence * Paytec * PRES LES * Principa * Rewardsco * Sanlam * Searchworks360 * Shapiro Shaik Defries & Associates * ShopRiteX * Sigma * SwordFish Software * The Capital Group * The Experience Architects * Transunion * Truworths * Tshepo Mohapi Law * Uni-Collect Trust * Up Stream Group * Van Velden Duffy * Vericred Collections * VeriCred Credit Bureau * VM Consulting * Vosfin * Woolworths Financial Services

Feedback from delegates who attended 2023 TCI events

Companies that sponsored our Debt Collection conferences over the years

Feedback from our recent sponsors

  • The best AML conference in southern Africa! Great for networking, great speakers and thought provoking topics and ideas. – Neil den Bakker, Moody’ Analytics
  • Venue, staff and hospitality was excellent with some excellent speakers. Wendy Murray, Lysis Financial
  • I liked that TCI staff was ready to accommodate and listen to my concerns.Mabel Schrimpton, SAS
  • Everything went smoothly, reception was great, and programme was clear and well-orchestrated. David van Staden, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Great conference overall well done! Jeremia Ayanda Mtimunye, SAS
  • First TCI conference, everyone was friendly and helpful, timings were kept well. – Paige Rylance, Bateleur Software
  • Good food and well organised event – Sadya Ngubeni, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Thank you very much for the conference! It was good to meet you too – Dirk Badenhorst, Veri Cred Credit Bureau
  • I just wanted to thank you and your team for your hospitality during the Conference last week. Thank you for the invitation and receiving us with open arms. We learnt a great deal from the speakers and had the opportunity to meet and make new acquaintances. Looking forward to next year’s conference. – Boitumelo Boikhutso, Business Development Manager. Adapt IT
  • Thank you so much, Ryno – you have gone above and beyond for our team. We really appreciate the partnership. – Rodica  Buzescu, Marketing Manager, Oracle

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