Unlocking tomorrow's strategies today: Navigating the future of core banking in the digital age

The Next Generation Core Banking Conference 2024 is poised to revolutionise the banking industry by delving into the intricacies of digital transformation and regulatory compliance on the 21 & 22 August 2024 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg. This pivotal event convenes a dynamic ensemble of banking professionals, technology visionaries, regulatory experts, and thought leaders to chart the course for the future of core banking in the digital age.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and evolving regulatory landscapes, the Next Gen Core Banking Conference serves as a beacon guiding attendees through the complexities of modern banking operations. Through engaging discussions, collaborative knowledge sharing, and strategic networking, participants will gain invaluable insights into the symbiotic relationship between digital innovation and regulatory adherence within the banking sector.

As the banking industry undergoes unprecedented digital transformation, new opportunities for enhanced customer experiences, operational efficiency, and strategic growth emerge. However, alongside these opportunities come a myriad of challenges, including cyber-security risks, data privacy concerns, regulatory scrutiny, and the need for robust compliance frameworks.

At the core of the conference lies the mission to address these challenges head-on, fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders while deepening understanding of the regulatory imperatives that govern banking in the digital era. Participants will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technological developments, industry best practices, and emerging trends shaping the future of banking.

Throughout the conference, esteemed speakers and industry leaders will illuminate key topics through insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions, illuminating case studies, and invaluable networking sessions. From discussions on technological integration and compliance strategies to explorations of innovative banking solutions, attendees will gain practical insights and actionable strategies to navigate the evolving banking landscape.

This conference is essential for professionals across the banking spectrum, including executives from financial institutions, regulatory bodies, FinTech innovators, consultancies, and other key stakeholders shaping the future of banking. By participating, attendees will forge meaningful connections, exchange insights, and gain a competitive edge in an industry where innovation and compliance are paramount.

Whether your objective is to deepen your understanding of banking in the digital age, explore innovative solutions, stay abreast of industry trends, or connect with industry leaders, the Next Gen Core Banking Conference 2024 offers a comprehensive platform to achieve your goals. Join us as we unlock the future of banking through responsible innovation, strategic collaboration, and regulatory excellence.

Secure your seat at this premier event and become part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of banking in the digital era. Mark your calendars for 21 & 22 August 2024, and join us at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg, for an unforgettable journey into the heart of banking innovation and compliance.

Sessions to be covered

Who should attend?

Core banking systems professionals dealing with the following:

application, software & platform development | information technology & systems | architecture | infrastructure | testing | integration | migration | delivery | project & product management | customer on-boarding | data management, science & analytics | business analytics, strategy & development | cyber-security | UX/UI design | identity verification | open banking | finance & technology (FinTech) | innovation | consulting | vendor management | training | artificial intelligence | machine learning | process automation | cloud | blockchain | fraud prevention | digital transformation

Benefits of attending the Core Banking Conference 2024

Networking opportunities:

engage with industry professionals, experts, and leaders, fostering connections that could lead to collaborations or future business opportunities.

Knowledge sharing:

gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in core banking through presentations and panel discussions led by industry thought leaders.

Market intelligence:

stay informed about market developments, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities in the core banking sector.

Professional development:

enhance your skills and expertise in core banking through learning sessions designed to address key challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Product and service showcase:

explore innovative products and solutions offered by vendors and exhibitors, allowing you to evaluate new technologies and tools.

Strategic insights:

gain strategic insights into the future direction of the core banking industry, helping you to anticipate market shifts and adapt your business strategies.

Brand visibility:

showcase your organization's expertise, products, and services to a targeted audience, increasing brand visibility and positioning your company as a leader.

Collaboration opportunities:

identify potential partners, clients, or collaborators who can help drive growth and innovation in your core banking operations.

Overall, attending this conference provides a valuable opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, connect with industry peers, and explore new avenues for success in the dynamic world of core banking.

Some of the companies that attended TCI’s recent events

.athinktank | ABSA | ACM Compliance | Adaptris | ADRS Diversified Services | African Bank | Albaraka Bank | Amref Health Holdings | AuditIQ | BestDebt Finance | Bidvest Bank | Blue Ocean Collection Services | Capfin | Cinque Collections | Collins Property Projects | Conveyancing Warehouse | Council for Debt Collectors | Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa | Credit Intel | CreditSmart Financial Services | CT-International | Datanamix | SigniFlow | Debt Rescue | Debt-IN Consultants | Discovery | Euphoria Telecom | | Fido Credit | Financial Sector Conduct Authority | FinChoice | Firstrand Bank | FNB | Fusion Credit Solutions | Genii Analytics | Glacier Financial Holdings | Hahn Collections | Hammond Pole Attorneys | Hollard Life Assurance | Hollywoodbets | Homechoice | Hyphen Technology | INOVO | Intelligent Debt Management | Investec | Jumpstart | Keakgotso | Kudough Credit Solutions | Lan Logix | Legal Interact | Letsatsi Finance and Loans | Letshego Financial Services | Liberty Group | Little Rabbit Digital | Michalsons | Mooney Ford Attorneys | Motor Industry Bargaining Council | Nedbank | NuDebt Management | O’Keeffe and Swartz Consultants | Old Mutual | Pay@ | Pepkor | Pres Les | Registered Communication | SA Paralegal | Santam | SearchWorks | Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates | SJ Perry PR | SKX Protiviti | Sureperformance | Telviva | Tenacity | Tesserai | TRAQ | Trio Debt Collection Services | Two Mountains | Vericred Collections | VM Consulting | VVM Debt Collections | Woolworths Financial Services | Yoco Technologies

Some compliments from delegates who attended TCI's recent Debt Collection Conference 2024

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