Evolving models of distribution for financial service – adapting to a new environment

Banking Distribution Conference – moving towards integrated multi-channel delivery –  will boasts an impressive array of speakers, including representatives from Accenture, SAS, youKnow Digital, Allos SA, Telkom Business, Wizzit, Ubank, PWC and more.


The event, to be held on 12 & 13 July 2017 at Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg, aims to attract over 100 industry professionals to discuss & dissect the importance of very personalized communication that provides the right offer using the right channel at the right time, as expected and demanded by customers for today, tomorrow and the future.


Over the last few years, financial services have to continuously adapt to the changing environment that the industry operates in.  Due to this changing environment, the future distribution strategies will require marketing communications which reflect a more intimate sphere of engagement with customers & service provider.


However there is no ‘perfect’ distribution strategy for every institution, but it is clear that the current distribution model needs to be improved if the financial industry is to grow profitably.


TCI’s Financial Services Distribution Conference 2017 – moving towards integrated multi-channel delivery – will furnish attendees with an updated and innovative view of how financial service institutions distribute their products and services offered to clients.


See Conference brochure for more at: https://www.tci-sa.co.za/financial-services-distribution/


The conference programme will explore current trends and development in banking channels including omni-channels, customer behaviour, security, technological integration and a glance into what the future holds. It will also look into how to open two-way communication with a range of clients, from private banking customers to those in the emerging markets.


For more information contact Project Manager, Michandre Malan on (011) 803 1553 or email michandre@tci-sa.co.za alternatively email info@tci-sa.co.za



Normal registration fee: R9 110.00 + VAT = R10 385.40

Group Discount for 3 or more attendees: R 8. 016.80 + VAT = R 9, 139.16

Discount for 5 or more attendees: R 7 288.00 + VAT = R 8 308.32

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