Debt Collection Conference 2017 was worth attending according to 90% of attendees

The Debt Collection Conference 2017 organised by Trade Conferences International took place on the 06 & 07 September 2017 at the Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.  The two-day conference attracted delegates from all over Sout Africa’s as well as Botswana.

The conference featured 16  reputable speakers from companies such as ADRA, Consumer Profile Bureau, PASA, MFSA, Debt Rescue, Credit Intel, NXT/ Digital Innovation, Experian, inQuba, Callforce, Shackleton & Mohapi Attorneys to name a few.  Attendees had the opportunity to list to the thought-provoking presentations and have their questions answered after the time.

The conference topics covered the latest strategies, trends, and developments which are relevant to the debt collection and credit risk industry.

The feedback form the conference has been very positive and encouraging as a whole, and this is merely an indication of what a good response we received from attendees in terms of speakers presentations and the outcome of the conference altogether.

From the evaluation of the questionnaires, Michandre Malan, Senior Project Manager at TCI advised that 90% of conference attendees indicated that it was worth their while attending the event, 75% indicated that speakers were very informative and 79% of the attendees said that the content of the speakers presentations was relevant and up to date.

Michandre expresses her gratitude to the speakers, delegates, guests, chairman and exhibitor who took time out if their busy schedule’s to attend and make the event as successful as it was. “Without all of you, the conference would not have been able to take place,” added Malan.

Have a look at our TCI website to keep up-to-date with the line-up of our informative conferences taking place in the first half of the year. We would love to host you at yet another top class financial event organised by TCI.

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