AML & Financial Crime industry professionals highly content with yet another successfully hosted TCI event

With nearly 120 AML & financial crime representatives present at TCI’s most successful event of 2017, Trade Conferences International thanks exhibitors, delegates, speakers and guests for attending the Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Conference 2017, and ensuring we ended 2017 with a bang.

The primary goal of this conference was to bring together experts involved in, and passionate about, AML and financial crime together to enable these professionals to stay updated on the foreseeable future developments, trends and strategies pertinent in the industry.

General feedback from attendees stated that expectations were surpassed. Considerations that the AML and financial crime arenas is pertinent matter, especially in current economic climates, which not only affects South Africa but also has an effect on global players as well; questionnaires indicated there is a lot answered from having attended the event, and also that there’s still a lot happening in the industry that they would like to hear about, which we will address at the next conference.

The feedback from delegates is invaluable as it helps us at TCI serve you better. The feedback has been very positive and encouraging as a whole, and this is merely an indication of what a good response we received from speakers in terms of their presentations and the outcome of the conference altogether:

  • “Great content, speakers and inspiring food for thought” – Christiaan van Schalkvyk
  • “The speakers were really informed on the topics and subject” – Tshililo Ligege, Nedbank
  • “Gained valuable insights into FIC Amendment ACT, RMCP” – Leilanie Herkes, ABSA
  • “There was a diversity of topics and views, presentations from (clearly) subject matter experts ” – Savera Daniels, Standard Bank
  • “Listening to various views on a subject matter from various institutions assisted in the understanding of the wider continental issue of risk management” – Lucille Andrews, Barclays Africa
  • “Topics were relevant and covered recent changes in the legislative environment” – Cindy Wagenaar, Standard Bank
  • “The content and nature of discussions are enriching” – Jeoffrey Mugwagwa, FBC

Thank you to all the exhibitors, Fiserv, Mint Technologies Management, LexisNexis and Consumer Profile Bureau for exhibiting at the conference. We trust many a new business opportunity was created.

Have a look at our TCI website and our upcoming events page. We look forward to hosting you at another top class financial event organised by TCI, soon.

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