Transformation in the remittances and money transfer arena with developing cross border platforms and systems

Trade Conferences International’s 4th Annual Cross Border Remittances and Money Transfers Conference, on 14 & 15 March 2018 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg,  will host industry experts to discuss, among others, innovation and technology in mobile money services between countries, impact of international payments and remittances developments on the African market, bolstering your organisation’s remittance value chain, and also features a high-powered panel discussion regarding the impact of increased global migration on remittance flows, global frameworks and infrastructure.

Attend this high-powered event and listen to in-depth discussions from representatives from BankservAfrica, SADC Banking Association, FSS Technologies Africa, Compliance Coach, ENS Africa, eXactConsult, IQ Business, Centre for Financial Regulation & Inclusion, TradeSafe Escrow, Finteq, Hello Paisa, and Mukuru Africa, amongst others.

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Some topics to be covered:

  • Impact of global migration on remittance flows
  • Developments to frameworks & infrastructure streamlining remittances integration
  • Update on SADC Low Value Credit Transfers Scheme supporting remittances in the region
  • Rise of digital remittances
  • Maintaining market share and/or acquire more – added value in the remittance value chain
  • Overcoming international trading risks
  • Financial inclusion of Southern Africa’s migrant diaspora
  • Role of ACH’s in enabling cross-border payments-benefits

Click here for the 2Day Conference Programme

Speakers presenting at this high-powered event inculde:

  • Arthur Cousins, Head of Project Coordination: SADC Payments, SADC Banking Association
  • Andy Jury, Chief Executive Officer, Mukuru Africa
  • Martin Grunewald, Chief Payments Officer, BankservAfrica
  • John Golding, Sector Head: Banking and Remittance, wiGroup
  • Maude Korte, Head: eWallet Product Growth, FNB
  • Natalie Matthews, Head of Payments Service, IQ Business
  • Daniel Buntman, Head: International Banking, RBB, ABSA, Retail and Business Banking
  • Graeme Holmes, Independent Payments Consultant, former Nedbank Head of Cards
  • Ashly Hope, Associate, Trade Law Centre
  • Barry Cooper, Technical Director, Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion

Click here for the 2Day Conference Programme

Attendees from Cross Border Remittances and Money Transfers 2017 were from the following organisations:

* Nedbank: Business Banking * ZB Holdings * Bidvest Bank: Customer Solutions * South African Reserve Bank * MoneyGram Payment Systems * Grindrod Bank * WiGroup: IT * Advanced Business Modernisation * IMX Software *MasterCard * Standard Bank * Nedbank: NREB * KPMG * South African Bankers Services * PEP: Financial Services * FNB International * Hello Group * FSS Technologies Africa * BankservAfrica * Nedbank: Private Wealth * FNB:Foreign Exchange * Nedbank:CIB * Central Africa Building Society * MFS Africa * Steward Bank: Diaspora Banking * Finmark Trust * Eighty20 * ENS Africa * XB Wallet * Investec * J.P Morgan Chase Bank: Finance & Operations * ABSA: International Banking * CGAP:Development Organisation * OK Zimbabwe * BeztForex * Crown Mobile * Zimswitch: Business Banking * Kawena Distributors: Distribution * RMB: Transaction Banking * Nedbank Transactionalt Forex * Central Africa Building Society * BPC Africa * Rand Merchant bank * Financial Intelligence Centre * OK Zimbabwe * FNB International * JP Morgan Chase* Investec * Monegram * Nedbank CIB AML, CFT & Sanctions * Nedbank Private Wealth * Pep Financial Services * Standard Bank Emerging Payments * Zimswitch * Standard Bank Operations

How to attend the 4th annual Cross Border Remittances & Money Transfers 2018:

  1. Click here you should be directed to the download section for the Cross-Border Remittances and Money Transfer Conference registration form
  2. Enter your details to receive form
  3. Once downloaded, complete the delegate details in the interactive fields
  4. Click the “Submit Form” Button and have your registration automatically delivered to us


Registration fee: R9 500.00 + VAT = 10 830.00 p.p.

Group Registration fee (for 3 or more): R8 550.00 + VAT =R9 747.00

Group Registration fee (for 5 or more): R8 075.00 + VAT =R9 205.50


For more information, contact TCI on +27 (0) 11 803 0009 or e-mail Jason Joseph at

Visit the conference website at

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