Tools for digital customer engagement laid out at well-received TCI conference

Trade Conferences International is excited to take this opportunity to thank partner organisations that aided in ensuring that the conference took place and was well-received by attending delegates, for time, as well as the willingness to support TCI, as presentation and exhibiting partners at the Digital Customer Engagement & KYC Conference 2018.

Under the watchman eye of our incomparable chairman, author, motivational & guest speaker – Larry O’Sullivan – it was a pleasure welcoming new speakers such as Ans Gerber, Experian SA; Paula Sartini, BrandQuantum; Luigi D’Amico, EOH|Digital Platoon and Ryan Suaer, KingJames Digital with whom TCI looks forward to enjoying a long-lasting relationship with. An especial note of thanks goes out to TCI’s regular presentation partner organisations for assisting TCI yet again:

Experian SA, Digital Solutions Group, Mint Management Technologies, Cornerstone Performance Solutions, Karabina, Effective Intelligence, Genesis Analytics, Avatar SA, Consumer Profile Bureau, Pypestream & Striata Marketing Solutions

Feedback received from attendees was greatlypostive: 90% of the attendees indicated that the conference was worth attending. Project Manager, Michandre Malan, spoke to delegates at the event and had the following to report: “Delegates that I had an opportunity to chat to expressed their satisfaction with the information and topics shared by speakers in a highly complimentary manner.”

 Some of the delegates can be quoted having said:

  • “The speakers were great” – Fanie Ferreira, Digiata
  • “Excellent speaker panel” –  Shikesh Lalbahadur,  Ninzi-Connect Software
  • “The conferences was well organised”– Henri Knoesen, Santam
  • “The conference was very relevant and interesting” – Marina Britz, Exxaro Coal
  • “TCI had a dynamic choice of speakers” – Charmaine Konig, ABSA
  • “The topic were very good and the TCI staff was very friendly” – Samantha Fourie, Ackermans
  • “The speakers left attendees with some really thought-provoking ideas” – Brenda Langford, Nedbank Private Wealth

The feedback from delegates is invaluable as it helps us at TCI serve you better. The feedback has been very positive and encouraging as a whole.

Malan said that “We at Trade Conferences International are determined to give delegates excellent conferences which address the relevant issues in the different industries… I think we have definitely managed so with this conference”.

Eventy feedback reflected very positive commendations from attendees with 89% of the attendees indicating that they were happy with the overall event. 80% indicated that the conference was worth attending, 72% indicated that the conference was well organised and 90% indicated that they were satisfied with the speaker panel.

Malan signed off by noting: “TCI is extremely proud to be associated with professionals such as our partner organisations as well as supporting delegate companies that will most certainly be the stepping stone in building further lasting industry relationships.”

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