Cloud banking offers better flexibility and opens up markets to new competition

Financial services industry is facing big challenges that threaten the environment as issues arise with new regulations and compliances that are always changing and with the development of new technology. Financial technology products and companies like fintech and regtech, are consistently overtaking their slow-moving competition when it comes to gaining new customers, generating revenue, and improving margins.


These innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI are drastically changing the way financial services industry do business. In addition, customers expect that their banks stay up to date with the newest technology and trends, thus turning to cloud to meet these needs and for the newest in innovation.


Cloud computing brings many opportunities to enhance the financial services industry with the ability to quickly scale, allow companies to be agile with resources, and provide new opportunities for collaboration between departments.

The Cloud Adoption 2020 Conference will be held on in April 2019 at the Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.


This two-day conference will have a look at the landscape in South Africa for cloud adoptions, managing the cloud and banks readiness for cloud adoption, integrating innovative, cutting-edge technology, cloud adoption strategy and risk including compliance & regulations affecting cloud adoption


The conference will focus on attracting professionals dealing with cloud computing, IT, development, engineers, enterprise architects, business analysts, cyberbanking, cybersecurity and compliance and regulations.

For more information to join the speaker panel, contact Project Manager, Michandre Malan at 011-803-1553 or email

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