The Future of Brand and Customer Loyal 2018 Conference is now!

A customer-obsessed company comes with the client base that feels they are on excellent investment. all happy customers stay longer with companies that directly and effectively communicate with them in a way that makes their needs and wants seem.

This simply comes with applying the top five P’s for brand and customer loyalty:

  • Purpose: make your customer feel that your brand not only shares, but also encourages their values and beliefs
  • Pride:make your customers feel pride in your brand, turning them into your champions. This will leads to word-of-mouth publicity for your brand, both online and offline
  • Partnership:ensure your consumers feel like your company works with them and that they are also a part of your brand identity
  • Protection:make your consumers feel safe when dealing with your brand
  • Personalisation:you need to ensure all your customers get shopping experiences tailored to their Personal needs and priorities. Personalisation and relevance go hand in hand.


Gain more insights into how to better improve your brand and customer loyalty. Join us at the Future Brand and Customer Loyalty 2019 Conference on the 21 & 22 February 2019, Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.


 Visit our website for more information regarding the conference.


Alternately contact Xavier Dipedi, Project Manager on or 011 803 1553


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