Adapting to the changing role of data and analytics in banking and financial services

The constant evolution of technology is slowly proving to the world that banks are no longer a necessity; however, banking will always be necessary.

Financial service providers’ focus has turned to harnessing the power digital revolution, building consumers’ trust using data-driven solutions, and empowering banking operations to evolve into a digital millennium.

The changing role of data and analytics in the banking environment is allowing for the innovation of technological capabilities in order to get more intelligent about customers’ needs. The customers’ ability to act in real-time on that intelligence is one key trend affecting the financial services industry.

The Evolution of Data Analytics in Banking Conference 2019 will be held at the Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg. The event will dissect the use of data and analytical techniques to help financial services providers meet regulatory and reporting requirements. Also to be discussed is how running analytics at a product level can provide a more holistic view of customers across their portfolios.

According to Nikhil Aggarwal, Executive Director and Head of FCC Analytics at Standard Chartered Bank, ‘The biggest unexploited opportunity in banking analytics is the lack of ‘connectivity’ within the enterprise. For example, most financial institutions have built out separate analytics practices including marketing and digital (web, social, and mobile) analytics, credit risk analytics, operations analytics, fraud analytics and compliance analytics.’

This two-day conference will have a look at the evolution of data and analytics in banking, through new innovation and technology; data security and cloud adoption; data management; data and analytics initiatives, and data regulatory concerns.

The event will focus on attracting professionals dealing with big data, product development,   regulation, compliance, technology, data management, value analytics, data analytics, customer segmentation, channel integration, solutions, business analytics, governance, data services.

For more information on how to join the speaker panel, contact Project Manager, Wendy Mahlatsi at 011-803-1553 or email

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