Calling on all the professionals dealing with outsourcing, vendor management, procurement, compliance, KYS/KYC… .. .

Trade Conferences International (TCI) brings yet another first to the South African market with the first two-day conference on third-party risk. TCI invites leading professionals in the third party risk management space to submit proposals to participate as guest speaker for this event.


The Third Party Risk Management Conference takes place on 19 & 20 March 2019 at the Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.


With banks, insurance companies and many like-minded organisations, rely heavily on third parties for improved operational efficiency, implementation of technological improvements, gearing their efforts for a competitive advantage and consistently ensuring increased profitability in operations.


TCI calls on all the professionals dealing with outsourcing, vendor management, procurement, compliance, KYS/KYC, regulation, innovation, reporting, financial crime, regulation, monitoring & control, risk management, cybersecurity, identity management, legal affairs, fraud, auditing, forensics, information technology, data management, financial regulation and supervision, financial surveillance, assurance, transactional monitoring, treasury, financial sector development, cybersecurity and affected areas to submit their proposals to address this industry event.


The Third Party Risk Management Conference 2019 programme is divided into five sessions, set out to address: managing third-party risks in a changing regulatory environment; setting up a third-party risk management framework; managing risk and instituting best practice due diligence practices; technology to mitigate risks associated with third-party risk management and data risk in the third part risk ecosystem.


Speaking at TCI’s industry conferences provides extensive exposure as a leader in the field, and comes with great benefits:

  • Speakers’ name and profile are featured on promotional material such as brochure, website, e-mail/PR campaigns, designed to increase interest in the conference and speaker’s participation.
  • Speakers’ presentations forms part of the digital material – which serves as reference material for attendees’ daily operations
  • In addition, speakers’ name, biography, company, and designation receive exposure on our digital platforms and marketing aims.
  • As a token of appreciation to speakers’ contribution to the event, TCI provides speaker-representatives with 1 complimentary guest pass to attend the conference and preferential and discounted rates for the attendance of delegations from their organisation, or participation at a higher level (by way of exhibition/sponsorship).


If you are interested to participate as a speaker for this conference or any of our upcoming conferences please contact the Project Manager: Ryno van Ellewee on (011) 803 1553 or email: /

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